April 6, 2008

  • Gearing up for the Art Fair

    I probably should have taken pictures while it was still light out, because pictures make blogs more fun to read.. but it’s dark out now so you are just S.O.L.

    Went to Home “Repo” as Dan and I call it today, got some 10x2s and made me a riser/step/platform-thing for my art fair booth.  It’s pretty sweet, it’s like a big 4 foot long, 10 inches wide box with 2 sides missing.  The missing sides will be on the bottom and back, so I can keep my cash box and other miscellaneous items behind there out of customers’ sight.  I’m so smrt.

    S M R T.  Smrt.

    OK.  Besides that we got some fabric to make a table cloth in pretty brown tones.  It’s going to rock.

    Now I just have to finish up making stuff so I actually have things to DISPLAY on these DISPLAYS. :)

    In other news, our trip to Denver was awesome… we ended up getting two free roundtrip tickets to anywhere in the 48 for giving up our seats on the plane since it was over weight restrictions… sweet deal, except that we paid the karma by getting stuck in Lincoln, Nebraska for over 24 hours. :)   They set us up with a hotel and breakfast but our flight the next day was canceled and we were in the airport for like 8.5hours.  ugh. :P

    It looks like we will be getting the jobs in Antarctica at McMurdo… we met the guy and talked and it seems like we are at the “top of the list.”  I will be having a phone interview to get more information within the next 2 days.  EEP  I’ve never had a phone interview before and I’m not very good at interview-y type stuff I have too much anxiety when people are examining me.. that’s why I hate doctor appointments :D

March 14, 2008

  • I don’t care what the calendar says, it’s SPRING!

    The past few days it’s been warmer (above freezing for over 24 hours straight), all of the snow is melting, I can see the pavement on my sidewalk and parking lot, it’s raining instead of snowing, and today– for the first time since October, there are birds in the ivy that grows on the garage.  HOORAY!!  I told the birds as I was walking to my door that it’s smart for them to stake an early claim on those vines because they are a hot piece of birdy real estate in the summer.

    My cat also thinks this is a good idea.  (Glances over to see him peering out the window towards the garage)  I can hear them chirping! 

    Oh the joy.  This is like the best time of year for someone with seasonal affective disorder.  I relate birds and spring with THE END OF THE PITS.  Although, this winter wasn’t too hard… I blame that on Vitamin D3. :)

    Been working on stuff for my show.   I’ve listed a few new items this week (check it out over —> there) and I’ve completely redesigned and printed all new business cards.  From this design I am also commisstioning a banner to made to have at my art fairs, to hang on the front of my table.

    I’m excited! :D

    Getting a little burned out on creating stuff, seems like all I’ve been doing for almost a month is MAKE MAKE MAKE.  And I still have tons of new ideas flooding my brain every day, I’m just too tired to try to MAKE anything more! :D   So tomorrow I’m taking a mental vacation from raven’s craving and just doing stuff completely unrelated to jewelry. :)

    That’s it for now!  Have a great weekend!

March 3, 2008

  • Mondays off are like baby vacations

    It’s nice to have Mondays off from work.  It’s like one day of the week where I can spend the WHOLE day doing whatever I want.  Which usually means I create some jewelry, photograph some jewelry, and play around on etsy.  It’s so nice.

    Today I got my shipment from The Ring Lord, where I buy my sterling silver wire, and where Dan gets his rings for chainmaille.  Hooray!!!  Now I can make earwires for the numerous pairs of earrings I have made this weekend.  I am trying to stock up for an art fair I registered for.  It’s in April in Whitewater, WI.  My first real art fair.  Very exciting.  I have spent over $200 on stock-up-supplies so far, including the 2 ounces of sterling wire from The Ring Lord, and the rest where I work, a bead store.

    Yesterday Dan and I hunted around for a 6′ folding table to take to the art fair, found a crappy fold-in-the-middle one for $70, a decent one at Sam’s club for less than $40 (couldn’t buy it, though.  not members.)  and finally a $35 one at Menard’s!  I love Menard’s.  So that’s one more thing I needed for the art fair and I’m running out of tax return money so I better not need much more! :D

    Aside from that, I have spent this morning paying bills, filling out rent certificates to send to my landlords for the Homestead Credit, and pretending that I’m talking to my cats even though I was really talking to myself.


  • Happy Monday everybody!

    I started off this week with a bang! I hope.  I got linked up on junkstylediva’s blog as a favorite artist, and have submitted by banner to two different blogs for free adspace!  Woohoo!

    The first one is for springcartdesigns’ blog here:  http://thahotness.com
    The second one is for butterflychic’s blog here:  http://www.butterflychicboutique.com/

    I want to thank everybody for their generosity, it has potential to inspire me to actually BLOG :D

January 9, 2008

  • A Few of my Favorite Things…

    As previously advertised, we (being my significant other, Dan, and I) got a digital camera, so I took a bunch of pictures and random crap and decided that these are my favorite things.  It’s not all of them, because, as I will complain about every moving day, I have a lot of crap.  These are just the ones I got good pictures of.

    First and foremost, my #1 favorite thing ever: Dan.

    at the bar.  :D

    my kitty my love. katsumoto oninoneko miyazaki-san.  he has his phone number on his collar charm so all the ladies know how to get a hold of him.

    katsumoto’s secret homosexual lover, onyx.  but we call him buttface, for obvious reasons.

    my newest tattoo, my tree of life.  by brian of capitol city tattoos.  you can still see some of the redness and irritation from when i broke out into hives a few days after i got it.  my skin in retarded. :D

    This is Herk, my Herkimer Diamond.  He is a member of my very extensive rock collection :)   Isn’t he pretty?

    Another collection, this one is my “Reject Bead” collection, made up of misshapen or broken beads and beads with bad drill holes.  Working in a bead store, reject beads come home to live with me nearly daily.

    One of the beaded ornaments I made to give away as gifts this Christmahanukwanzaayuleakah.  It’s on my bamboo plant that refuses to be healthy but still won’t die.

    In the living room… I heart my ikea shelves and my gargies.

    An icicle on the ivy that grows outside my bedroom window, it looks like an acorn. :)

    Okay that’s it for now, people.

    Hope you enjoyed this little adventure into my world. :D

December 31, 2007

December 24, 2007

  • the beauty of the muted colors
    soft, blurry, somber elegance
    on this foggy solstice day
    for the first time in a long time
    i remember that i like winter


December 19, 2007

  • uppity update

    so here’s whats new.

    i’ve been posting new items every other day or so on my etsy, so you should check that out.
    leftovers from my holiday show, which, despite the bad weather and only 7 people actually coming to buy stuff, i did pretty OK.  about half what i was hoping for, but still in the black.  the good news is, i have lots left over to post on my etsy!

    i found out today about this interesting thingy.  http://www.blackle.com
    it’s black google.  instead of a white bg, it has a black bg, and all of the search results are displayed on a black page.  this is an energy-efficient way of surfing the web!  there’s a little meter at the bottom of the main page showing how many watt-hours have been saved by using a black background, which takes less energy than a white background on your computer screen.


    it’s my homepage now, as well as dan’s. :)

    we went go to see I Am Legend tonight.  it was pretty darn good.  it comes highly recommended by yours truly, the easiest person to please when it comes to movies. :D

November 3, 2007

  • i have 44 hearts now, but still no sales.

    obviously, not that dedicated to the whole 30days thing right now, the next steps involved editing EACH of my items and i don’t know if it’s really worth my time.

    on tuesday, i took some jewelry to a couple of shops in my neighborhood and within an hour and a half i’d sold 10 pairs of earrings.  of course i had to sell them at “wholesale” prices so i made about half what i would have if i sold them directly to the customer.

    but it kind of puts my 2 sales in october on etsy to shame.  thinking i’d do better spending my time actually MAKING jewelry instead of trying to promote myself and getting addicted to the etsy forums… lol.  though it is good for inspiration and making connections.

    i wont leave etsy, i am just not going to put any MORE effort than i already am into trying to get people to buy stuff there.  i’m hoping in the future it will just be a place people can buy my jewelry when they want MORE since they bought some from me before… hehe!

    so on another note, i am feeling more inspired lately than ususal and i find myself coming up with ideas for paintings and digital art as i’m falling asleep at night…

    anyways.  have to go to stoughton to feed the kitties at moms.

October 26, 2007